Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have the pleasure to introduce the first contributor in my new serie: My Fashion Moment, where all you readers can participate.

In february I went to Rome with my husband, Kim and my youngest son, Alexander. I´ve been to Rome many times, but this time I wanted to show them The Vatican-museum.

I had promised Alexander, that it was his turn to get new clothes, shoes etc. I also promised that I wouldn´t look for shops. Alexander thought that I had seen everything when I was here last november.
On our way to The Vatican, I just wanted to show him a few good fashion stores in the streets leading up to Campo di Fiori. We passed by a shop with a sale and my eye catched something turquoise.
By that time we had only been in Rome for two hours and I had already forgotten what I promised Alexander. But I just had to find out what that turquoise was. It seemed to be a fabulous turquoise furcoat. Of course I had to try it on.
While I was trying it on, there was an old italian lady with her grandchild, that was complimenting me and the furcoat very nicely: -"carina bellisima etc."
I just had to own that fur. Later on I was just thinking, if the old lady was payed to make me bye the fur. By the way, the fur is made of rabbit and the collar is fox. But look at it. . . Isn´t it fantastico!!!