Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Speaking of Tilda Swinton in my previous post, i just remembered a costume-assignment i did at The College of  Arts and Crafts, on one of my favourite movies.
In the movie Orlando from 1993, based on Virgina Woolfs novel from 1928, Tilda Swinton playes a young nobleman, Orlando.

When Orlando were published, it created a sensation and caused quite a scandal in the bourgeoisie at that time, because of it´s gender/political message: that men and women should have equal rights.

The movie is a view on the last 400 years history of woman- and gender. It playes with the thought of an ideal society, where people are not slaves
of their sex, but contains characteristics and qualities from both sexes.

The movie are maybe fictitious and fantastic in its content, but it is relatively true in its visual exposure of the styles and fashionepochs.

It is very suitable as an inspiration for costumes, because it is abundant and extravagant in it´s demonstration of the styles of the different epochs.
From the story begins, in the times of baroque (1600-1700), the movie shows us abundance of heavy decorated rooms and garments, that underlines the standards and restrictions of the time - and opens The History of Costume - that we witness through the movie.

-In the beginning we are at the court of Elisabeth I, which Orlando is fre- quenting. The Queen has set her eyes on Orlando, because of his feminine boyishness and beautiful legs. She gives him the deed of the familys mansion, on the conditon that he never ages and keeps his glow of youth. . . and an interesting journey begins.

-I won´t reveal more. . .the rest you have to read or see for yourself.


Ingrid Mida said...

Dear John,
Thank you for leaving me a comment so I could find your blog! I have not yet seen this movie and clearly I must since I am very interested in the feminine identity. I very much appreciate the tip.
Best wishes!

John Frantsen said...

Thanks ;o) You´re welcome. . .