Monday, August 22, 2011


-That is what I want! That is what I am looking for! I am calling The Universe. . .
I need a new studio, new challenges and impulses.

For several years now, I have been working and running my business from where I live, a first floor appartment. But a big change is needed on both a personal level and workwise.
I used to have a small shop, but moved the business into greater surround- ings, a big apartment and presently a smaller one. Not obvious for the pub- lic, even though I have used the internet a lot and got new customers by recommendation. After all, it doesn´t bring enough orders in.
I need to get out, to be more busy and show what I can offer. For now I have plenty of garments hanging on the racks, waiting to find new owners.

The studio/showroom doesn´t have to be big and expensive. . . It could be a loft, an old industrial building, as long as it´s well located. Maybe together with other creative people.

So please spread the word out there, if you know a place or someone who might be interested. Thanks.

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