Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Golden Age of Haute Couture in Denmark, was from 1930 to the 1960´s, where the three Couturiers, Holger Blom, Preben Birch and Uffe Brydegaard, also known as the three B´s ruled.

With inspiration from Paris, they made dresses for High Society and costumes for film and teater.

Holger Blom and the actress Helle Virkner
Photo: Bent Mann/The Royal Librarys Collection.
Holger Blom (1906-65), was seen as the master of the three couturiers. He was selftaught and devoted to beauty, good quality and crafsmanship. 

He got his breakthrough when famous danish actresses like Bodil Kjer and Helle Virkner started wearing his gowns. 

He had his own fashionsalon in Copenhagen from 1930-1965 where he dressed High society and Royals. The highlight of his career was probably the wed- dingdress for Princess Anne Marie of Denmark in 1964.

Photo: Central Press, Getty Images

There is not a lot of images or documention about the three B´s on the in- ternet.

I´m curious and would like to know if any of you readers out there knew them, own or know about any garments from these three couturiers.

To know more, take a look of my posts about the danish movie Kispus and The exhibition: H for Haute Couture at The Collection of Time that I wrote earlier on.

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