Saturday, March 05, 2011


   Nice quote from the Sand shop in Copenhagen .

When I see window-displays that looks very random or messy, like today, here in Odense, I can´t help wondering what decorators are thinking. Either they don´t know how to do it or they just don´t care ? 

At the local Sand store for example I saw what would have been a nice en- semple. A clean white shirt with a nice "scarf"-skirt, but they didn´t bother to iron the shirt, that looked messy. I think it is pure thougtlessness of the staff.

A new store, Zizzy, for bigger sizes, displayed mannequins in clothes that makes you look even bigger. It looked like they just copyed the general fashion and put it in bigger sizes.
They didn´t seem to know, that you don´t have to cover yourself up because you are big. It is about emphasizing your advantages  and fitted clothes can do that, if it´s well adjusted.

There are plenty of examples, so maybe I should blog more about shopdis- plays in the future, to bring some focus on it ;o)

 For inspiration - Mulberry shows how to get attention!

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