Tuesday, March 22, 2011


-took place eleven years ago, after I graduated as a designer/ teacher from The Couture department at The College of Arts and Crafts here in Odense.

One of my former teachers called me to suggest to contact a famous danish designer in London, who needed assistance.
I was ready for a big adventure and quite excited. I asked one of my fellow students to join me and off we went.

But the experience was not very successful. We were two out of 7 danish people, most of them trainees. Another danish designer in charge, an english dressmaker to delegate the work of the people, beside what she had to do herself. She was nice, but quite frustrated because of that.
No one didn´t really know what to do, so we had to figure out ourselves. There was no real organization, so things were quite chaotic. A real agenda for customers didn´t exist, so we had to make one up.

The owner didn´t seem really engaged, I only saw her twice during two weeks. She was just putting pressure on people by taking in orders, without any consideration for the actual schedule. This wasn´t accomodating for the working climate at all.
All in all I could see where it was heading and decided not to waste my time and went back to Denmark two weeks later.

My colleague stayed for a few more months. Because of some up-coming  fashionshows, she was working night and day, but wasn´t payed at the end. She went back to get her salery six months later, just to be rejected by the accountant, who claimed there was no more money left in the company.

She wondered why the owner could do what she was doing and was told it was only possible because of backers. As far as i know, the company still exists.

Just to say, be aware and take care out there! Things are not always what they seem.

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