Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lady Gaga

Photo-credit: AFP-Getty Images

-is nominated for a Fashion Icon Award by CFDA/ The Council of Fashion Designers of America as an individual whose signature style has had a profound influence on fashion.

I don´t really get it. . . I love her music, she´s kind of  fascinating,  trendsetting and inspiring. But I´m surprised that it doesn´t take more than being famous and provocative to be nominated as a styleicon these days?
In my opinion, there is a huge different between real icons as  Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Sarah Jessica Parker among others and Lady Gaga.
For them it seemed as a natural way of life. They were beautiful, they always made an effort to look stylish, dressing up to their best, consistently. Did they pay more attention to their appearance and image back then?

I mean, I even had a hard time to find a nice stylish picture of Lady Gaga. This one is from her modeling a Thierry Mugler show at Paris Fashion Week not long ago. For sure they got more attention, but I don´t know about the collection.

The 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards winners will be announced at the annual gala at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, on June 6 in New York.

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