Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Occasional Wear

The Old Town in Aarhus, Denmark is showing clothes for celebration during a century from 1909-2009 with the exhibition: Festtøj gennem 100 år/ A Cen- tury of Occasional Wear from one of the finest collections in Denmark.

If you are into fashionhistory, you should get there before it closes at May 1. Definately something I am going to take a look at with a good friend and colleague at the end of April.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Photo: Daniel Clement

My bridal-collection is coming together piece by piece  . . . because each piece is unique and handmade by me. 

The collection is based on and made especially for the style- and quality-conscious woman of today. The woman that wants to be well-dressed in a  modern, simpel and timeless way. Take a look at the Dress Gallery and Wed- dingdresses in the topmenu, to see more.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Tributes

Since Elizabeth Taylor passed yesterday, there has been a lot of tributes all over the internet. It shows her tremendous impact and it is  quite understandable, because she was very  fascinating by the way she looked, acted and related. She was beautiful in every sense of the word and an inspiration for people all over the world.

I dont´think anyone was not affected by her appearence some way or the other. . . Here is a few of the tributes from my bloglist, that says it all: Worn Through, Digs Frocks and booksThe Coveted and Decades Inc.
Get an impression of her fabulous life in Remembering Elizabeth Taylor here. Read more about her here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


-took place eleven years ago, after I graduated as a designer/ teacher from The Couture department at The College of Arts and Crafts here in Odense.

One of my former teachers called me to suggest to contact a famous danish designer in London, who needed assistance.
I was ready for a big adventure and quite excited. I asked one of my fellow students to join me and off we went.

But the experience was not very successful. We were two out of 7 danish people, most of them trainees. Another danish designer in charge, an english dressmaker to delegate the work of the people, beside what she had to do herself. She was nice, but quite frustrated because of that.
No one didn´t really know what to do, so we had to figure out ourselves. There was no real organization, so things were quite chaotic. A real agenda for customers didn´t exist, so we had to make one up.

The owner didn´t seem really engaged, I only saw her twice during two weeks. She was just putting pressure on people by taking in orders, without any consideration for the actual schedule. This wasn´t accomodating for the working climate at all.
All in all I could see where it was heading and decided not to waste my time and went back to Denmark two weeks later.

My colleague stayed for a few more months. Because of some up-coming  fashionshows, she was working night and day, but wasn´t payed at the end. She went back to get her salery six months later, just to be rejected by the accountant, who claimed there was no more money left in the company.

She wondered why the owner could do what she was doing and was told it was only possible because of backers. As far as i know, the company still exists.

Just to say, be aware and take care out there! Things are not always what they seem.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lady Gaga

Photo-credit: AFP-Getty Images

-is nominated for a Fashion Icon Award by CFDA/ The Council of Fashion Designers of America as an individual whose signature style has had a profound influence on fashion.

I don´t really get it. . . I love her music, she´s kind of  fascinating,  trendsetting and inspiring. But I´m surprised that it doesn´t take more than being famous and provocative to be nominated as a styleicon these days?
In my opinion, there is a huge different between real icons as  Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Sarah Jessica Parker among others and Lady Gaga.
For them it seemed as a natural way of life. They were beautiful, they always made an effort to look stylish, dressing up to their best, consistently. Did they pay more attention to their appearance and image back then?

I mean, I even had a hard time to find a nice stylish picture of Lady Gaga. This one is from her modeling a Thierry Mugler show at Paris Fashion Week not long ago. For sure they got more attention, but I don´t know about the collection.

The 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards winners will be announced at the annual gala at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, on June 6 in New York.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Photo credit: Mario Testino via Reuters

Since the announcement of Prince Williams wedding with Kate Middleton last november, there has been a lot of speculation  on who is going to make her weddingdress. She is advised to choose a British designer/ Couturier when she marries William.

Several designers have been mentioned in the run. Matthew Williamson has been mentioned, but is not really interested. Vivienne Westwood would have loved to, but would have liked Kate to catch up a little bit somewhere with style.
Amanda Wakely have been mentioned. Designer Ben de Lisi claims it is Bruce Oldfield that is going to make the dress.
But Sarah Burton, the successor of Alexander McQueen is  also a very  strong contender. I like what she is doing, but it might just be to daring.
My guess is Bruce Oldfield. What are yours? I guess we will  have to be patien- ce until April the 29., when the world will be watching.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The steps to indulgence

One-of-a-kind Galadress made of silk-taffeta and backed with silkorgandy, only available in size 12/38

It all starts with an appointment, where we take the time to find out what you want and how I can help you.
When we have agreed on a model and a pricerange, I am going to take your measures and we´ll make a new appointment.
In the meantime I am going to make your personal pattern, to cut it in silkpaper and make a Muslin/calico. The Muslin/calico is a basic model used for the first fitting.

At the following appointment you have to try on the Muslin/Calico, so I can make the adjustments. We discuss the details and what kind of fabric could be suitable and you´ll have to pay a deposit, for me to use on materials.

The third appointment is the fitting of the Calico with all the adjustments or the final fabric, if the first fit were a success.

At the last appointment we have the fitting of the final result and of course the payment. By now you´ll be the happy owner of a total unique dress that makes you look georgeous and feel very special. That is  what indulgences is all about.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Size Perfect!

Pierre Balmain, evening gown 1957

-is your size. Because as you might know it can be quite difficult to find clothes that fits, unless you are a perfect standard-size.
But the perfect fit is possible even if you are not that standard. The answer is made-to-measure if you want to look georgeous in your own size. Made-to-measure is well adjusted clothes. It is not cheap, but it will last longer. What size do you take?

Feel free to make an appointment without any obligation and find out more about the possibilities, prices and what I can offer you.

Treat yourself and get a new experience of indulgence. I´m sure you deserve it.

Saturday, March 05, 2011


   Nice quote from the Sand shop in Copenhagen .

When I see window-displays that looks very random or messy, like today, here in Odense, I can´t help wondering what decorators are thinking. Either they don´t know how to do it or they just don´t care ? 

At the local Sand store for example I saw what would have been a nice en- semple. A clean white shirt with a nice "scarf"-skirt, but they didn´t bother to iron the shirt, that looked messy. I think it is pure thougtlessness of the staff.

A new store, Zizzy, for bigger sizes, displayed mannequins in clothes that makes you look even bigger. It looked like they just copyed the general fashion and put it in bigger sizes.
They didn´t seem to know, that you don´t have to cover yourself up because you are big. It is about emphasizing your advantages  and fitted clothes can do that, if it´s well adjusted.

There are plenty of examples, so maybe I should blog more about shopdis- plays in the future, to bring some focus on it ;o)

 For inspiration - Mulberry shows how to get attention!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


-On the red carpet at The Academy Awards 2011 in my opinion were:

Sandra Bullock, who looked stunning in a red gown from Vera Wang.

British actress Helen Mirren, 65 looked very sexy and confident as always in a grey Vivienne Westwood gown.

Hillary Swank looked faboulous in a paillet-encrusted Gucci-gown with feathers. 

Halle Berry in a similar beaded gown with tulle from Marchesa looked faboulous too.

Last but not least, the young actress Hailee Steinfeld looked very nice in a 50´ed inspired crystal-encrusted gown from Marchesa. These were some of my favourites. What were yours ?

Photo credits: AP and WENN.

John Galliano

-Is a wonderful creator. The recent incident with Galliano is the most talked about in fashion these days. I don´t like what he said, but I think we should take in consideration that the young people who challen-ged him when he was drunk like that, were up for it. They took advantage of the situation and merely asked for it; what goes around comes around. . .
There is no excuse for his statements, but maybe we should ask why and how it ended like that, instead of judging. I think that Suzy Menkes have a good point in her article in New York Times here.