Sunday, February 06, 2011


-Might be quite unknown for most people today. But I am fascinated by the simplicity and the combination of colours he used. Even today some of his designs would be very contemporary.

Sarmi was born 1916 in Italy, but went to New York in 1951 to pursue a design-career and became a well known designer at that time.

Like Charles James and Oscar De la Renta, Ferdinando Sarmi also  worked for Elisabeth Arden´s Designstudio, from 1951-1958 as head-designer. After that he opened his own Boutique on Seventh Avenue.
His first collection under his own name, was reviewed: -Sarmi´s devotion to beauty is at it´s ultimate. His collections was consistently described as: - feminine, romantic and "in good taste".
But the times changed in the 60´s and after some financial problems, he closed in the early 1970´s.

He was known for his opulent evening looks, vivid colours, racy hemlines and for using extravagant fabric. Enjoy these examples, that i found on

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