Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Fashion is big business. Almost every wellknown designer today are backed by big investors. I guess it is a matter of trust and of course seriousness and a potential big revenue that makes investors, known as backers, interested in supporting designers.
Victoria Beckham and Roland Mouret, who just opened a new store in London are both being backed by Simon Fuller, the entertainment entrepreneur that came up with The Idol-concept.

In France there is to major groups that is investing in and buying up fashion- brands. Louis Vuitton / Moêt Hennesy, known as LVMH, is a major player in that game. They are involved in Fendi, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Céline and Givenchy among others.
The other player is PPR, which was formerly known as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute. Their "luxury devision", former Gucci Group, are the owners of Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and other brands.

In Denmark we have IC Companys, that is working with brands like In-wear, Matinique, Saint Tropez, Designers Remix and By Malene Birger among others.

For designers to get noticed today, they have to be consistent, make a mark, position themselves by designing collections, that makes their name known as a brand, for backers to invest. Because they invest to make some profit out of it of course.

To get noticed, you have to get your design out there. You can do that by working your way up in a fashionhouse, by showing designs at different events, exhibitions or fashionfairs. Another take could be, if you could make famous people wear your designs.

But first and foremost you have to be true to yourself and your fashion- philosophy if you want to succeed. That I believe.

Mondrian day-dress by Yves Saint Laurent 1965

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