Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Denis Gagnon s´expose

By coincidence I stumpled upon a feature about the Canadian designer, Denis Gagnon in a fashion-magazine here in Montreal. Right now, he is having an exhibition of 20 unique dresses from his coming collection, at The Musée des Beaux-Arts, to mark his 10 years anniversary in the fashion-business.

I´ve never heard of him before, even if he is quite known here in Canada. But this was about to change. He is doing some rather fabulous things, as you can see if you have checked his website.

In the middle of the display, there was big "pyramide" hanging upside down, where his latest fashionshow was running in three dimensions. On the walls were close-ups of the materials he used shown. All in all a very original and cohesive exhibition.

In the dresses, as you see below, he worked a lot with materials as zippers, metalchains, fringes, leather, lace and stripes in different variations. The dresses were both original, innovative, futuristic and very inspiring.

Photos: John Frantsen

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