Thursday, December 09, 2010


Of course it´s the singer/performer Grace Jones, I am referring to. Not the song amazing Grace. I was just associating with Amazing Lace, an article by Suzy Menkes about one of the trends right now.

But do you remember Grace Jones from the 80´ies ?
I was a big fan and still listens to her songs from time to time. They still hold up to this day I think. Apart from that, I was very inspired by her looks and attitude.

Grace Jones was born in 1948 on Jamaica, but moved to Syracuse, New York with her family in 1965. She is a model, sanger and actress as well. She was discovered by and in a relation with the stylist, Jean-Paul Goude in  a number of years.
Together they created her very strong image, that with the music, made her famous and an Icon for those years. 
I am sure that Annie Lennox and Lady Gaga for example are some of the singers that was inspired by her. If you want to know more, read here .

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