Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Now the time has finally come to create my very own things.
After a series of wedding dresses on commission, I need to create and show how a wedding dress should look like.

I have been thinking about making an exclusive collection of wedding dresses for a long time, where I do not have to compromise on design, quality, materials and price.

The different models of the collection will of course be characterized by my personal design philosophy, that is still the thoughtful design, the modern expression, the good fit, the different and lavish material choices that, together with the execution, which will work towards a higher level, to emphasize the per-sonality of the brides.

The design will be made in simple and clean lines, without excessive decorations. Instead the emphasis will be on the cut and new color- and fabric combinations.  

The different dresses will mainly be made in silk, which of course the prices will reflect.

Dress details, Photo: John Frantsen

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