Monday, September 27, 2010


-In extension of my post of the 22/9, you often hear the expression that, time is money. 

How du you rate your work? What is your work worth? That is some of the hardest to determine.
Of course, it depends on what the customer imagines, what kind of dress, the cut, the details and what fabric they want. Least but not last, how much they are willing to spend.

On the official website of the Tailor's Guild you can get an indicate of an hourly salery in their agreement here.

Like I have described in previous post, it takes quite some time to create a unique dress made by measure. By experience I've learned to give an estimate, when the clients ask for the price.

The customer then knows what they have to adhere to and what they can expect. -And I know what I am dealing with and can better organize the work within this framework.

But of course, if money is no object, I really can take care and use all the time needed.
On the other side, one does not always have to make every penny count. When I spend time on customers, I see it more like an investment in the long term, which hopefully comes back again somehow.

Sometimes it even comes back from a completely unexpected side. Maybe that is what you call Karma.

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