Saturday, July 24, 2010


Since last, I have been busy constructing the three very different "wedding- dresses", I have on commisions. All three customers have had their measures taken and these measures is the basis for their very personal patterns, that the dresses is founded on.

Next step is to cut it in silk- paper and make a Muslin/calico. The Muslin/ calico is a basic model made up in a cheap cotton, that is used for the first fitting.   

After these steps, every single customer is appointed to a fitting, where the dress is adjusted. Depending on the cut and figure, more fittings can be ne- cessary. But usually 1-2 fittings is enough.

The final design and details is decided, the fabric choosen and a deposit payed.
The last fitting for finetuning adjustments is agreed upon and the dress is beeing finished. The result is a very special One-of-a-kind dress.

If the customers don´t mind, I will show the results later on.

Photos: John Frantsen

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