Friday, July 09, 2010


Do you know the old danish movie, Kispus? The Movie by Erik Balling from 1956, was the first danish movie in color.
The movie, that was inspired by Holger Blom, one of the Great Danish couturiers of that time, is a sweet and subtle love comedie. A movie that I recommend, if you are into old danish movies and fashionhistory.

The fabulous costumes of the film were created by another danish couturier though.
That was Preben Birch, who did costumes for danish movies through many years.
These two were together with a third couturier, Uffe Brydegaard, named The three B´s.

The movie is about the excentric couturier, Mr. Marcel, played by Angelo Bruun. He is giving one of his nice dresses away to the daydreaming seamstress, Eva Møller, played by Helle Virkner, when he discover how well it suits her.
He is betting with the Actress, who actually ordered the dress, that he is able to present the seamstress as a glamour-girl wearing his dress at the coming premiere-party. And he is wright.

Eva meets and fall in love with Jakob, played by Henning Moritzen, that drives around in a big limousine. They both think of each other, that the other is rich, fearing that he is going to discover her modest background.
But Jakob himself is a poor student, that works as a chauffeur and has to sell his books to invite Eva out.
This leads to many misunderstandings and "kispus"-playes. But after many complications, love prevails over snobbery at last.

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Karen said...

Dejligt lige at vide lidt mere om.
Jeg skal lede efter mine Preben Birch tegninger når jeg kommer hjem så du kan se dem.
I øvrigt har jeg også en Preben Birch kapppe i uld.
Den sidder fantastisk.