Wednesday, July 07, 2010


First, a warm welcome to new readers. I hope that you will be inspired and happy to follow me here on the blog.
My latest project have been a pair of summer jeans, because I am traveling to Montreal tomorrow. And there is a heatwave right now.

Besides that I count on to catch up some blogging while I am there, I am going to look for fabrics for a few customers.
Montreal has a very long street with only fabric-shops. So the selection of fabrics is quite big and there is something for everybody´s taste. But I will get back on that.

For these flax jeans, I actually took an old couple of my worn-out denims apart to copy the pattern and used flax instead, to be more comfortable. Here is the result.  

Photo: Daniel Clement

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Karen said...

Whau de er blevet gode.
Riogtig god tur.
Vi er en smule for varme her i Monaco. TIl alt held har vi poolen lige bag huset.