Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In connection with my previous post, I suddenly remembered the special exhibition, H for Haute Couture, that The Collection of Time  were organizing in 2007.
The exhibition  showed examples of the 20. century greatest and most outstanding danish Createurs, which was the master, Holger Blom and his two apprentices, Erik Mortensen and Jørgen Bender.

Holger Blom (1906-1965) created a lot of elegant creations for the Divas of danish theatre, like Liva Weel, Bodil Kjer and Helle Virkner, as the Wedding-dress for Danish Princess Anne-Marie in 1964.

Erik Mortensen (1926-1998) went to Paris after his apprenticeship at Blom and made a career in the famous fashionhouse of Pierre Balmain.

Jørgen Bender (1938-1999) took over the Salon of Blom after his dead  and created among other things, the Royale wedding gowns for Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Princess Benedikte and former Princess Alexandre.

During this exhibition I was offered to do two weekend-workshops by the request of Cæcilie Ning Hage, the Head of The Collection of Time. Because she thought it would be a good idea for the visitors to see how dresses like that are created. It showed to be a good idea and became a great attraction.

I was very honored to sit there among all the creations of my heros and work on my own stuff. Though it was limited what I was able to do, because people were so interested, talking and asking questions. I even spoke with somebody who had known Holger Blom.

Apart from that, Jørgen Bender was one of the judges at the 1998 DM ( The Danish Championship ) for students of tailoring and clothescraft at Holmen, Copenhagen, where I was participating on the sug-gestion from one of my teachers.

In 1988, when I together with my friend Karen went to see the special exhibition "Stars in French Fashion" at  Designmuseum Denmark, and to hear Erik Mortensen´s  speak, we were so lucky to meet him and to have his biography "Ej blot til pynt" / Not only for decoration, signed.

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