Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In connection with my previous post, I suddenly remembered the special ex- hibition, H for Haute Couture, that The Collection of Time  were showing in 2007.
The exhibition  showed examples of the 20. century greatest and most out- standing danish createurs,  that is the master, Holger Blom and his two ap- prentices, Erik Mortensen and Jørgen Bender.

Holger Blom (1906-1965) created a lot of elegant creations for the Divas of danish theatre, like Liva Weel, Bodil Kjer and Helle Virkner, as the Wedding- dress for Danish Princess Anne-Marie in 1964.

Erik Mortensen (1926-1998) went to Paris after his apprenticeship at Blom and made a career in the famous fashionhouse of Pierre Balmain.

Jørgen Bender (1938-1999) took over the Salon of Blom after his dead  and cre- ated among other things, the royale weddinggowns for Queen  Margrethe of Denmark, Princess Benedikte and former Princess  Alexandre.

During this exhibition I was offered to do two weekend-workshops by the request of Cæcilie Ning Hage, the Head of The Collection of Time. Because she thought it would be a good idéa for the visitors to see how dresses like that are created. It showed to be a good idea and became a great attraction.

I was very hounered to sit there among all the creations of my role models and work on my own stuff. Though it was limited what I was able to do, be- cause people were so interested, talking and asking questions. I even spoke with somebody who had known Holger Blom.

Apart from that, Jørgen Bender was one of the judges at the 1998 DM ( The Danish Championship ) for students of tailoring and clothescraft at Holmen, Copenhagen, where I was participating on the suggestion from one of my teachers.

In 1988, when I together with my friend Karen went to see the special exhibi- tion "Stars in French Fashion" at  Designmuseum Denmark, and to hear Erik Mortensen´s  speak, we were so lucky to meet him and to have his biography "Ej blot til pynt" / Not only purely ornamental, signed.

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