Friday, March 05, 2010


Here is some pics of the dresses, that are on show at The Artbuilding / Fyns Udstillingsbygning for Kunst og Design until sunday the 7. march 2010. 

Therefore it is absolutely last call, if you want to experience the well visited exhibition, that is my "fashionstatement" of the moment.

The pictures are shoot at The Collection of Time / Tidens Samling, that has a very interesting exhibition of Kähler Ceramics at the moment. Check out their website here.

Barbiedoll Cocktail dress of silk and tulle with special embroidery.

Two-piece black and white Reception dress, in embroidered dupion silk.

Asymetric two-piece silktaffeta Evening dress with handcrafted black trimming on the shoulder.

One-of-a-kind Ballgown in silktaffeta, underlined with silkorgandy.

White silk Cocktail dress with black trimming, jetpearls and sequins.

Black laced "flamenco-dress"

All the shown dresses are available in a size 38. Just ask if you´re interested.

Photos: John Frantsen
Model: Camilla Kristoffersen.