Monday, March 22, 2010


The weddingseason is getting closer. In Denmark most couples are getting married in the periode from may to september.

Due to planning it is of course nessesary to be right on time, especially when it comes to ordering the weddingdress. Take a look at this little selection of simpel, but different weddingdresses in special fabrics, for inspiration.

The first weddingdress has an empirecut and a moderat train. It is made of dupionsilk underlined with silkorgandy and brocade with a matching velvet ribbon, to emphasize the cut. This unique weddingdress is only available in size 6 (str. 36)

This corsetdress is made of "golden brocade" and can easily be used as sim- pel, but stylish weddingdress with a nice veil and the right accessories. This dress is only available in size 6 (str.36)

Pale rose weddingdress with a train, made of bridalsatin and decorated  with transparent sequins and beads. This dress is only available in size 12 (str. 42)

Weddingdress with pale mink, a bare back with ribbons and a train, made of off-white bridalsatin. Only available in size 6  (str. 36)

Photos: John Frantsen

Each of these dresses can of course be measure-made, if you would like to purchase one of them.