Tuesday, October 27, 2009


- Was my latest commission/challenge.  I have to say, designing the Latindress was the fun part of it.

But dancingdresses are as you might know, made of some kind of stretch-fabric, which I have to admit wasn´t the easiest material to handle. It has to be overlocked and sewn with a twin-needle and it can´t really be ironed.

That´s why you have to bast it or stich it with a zig-zig for the fitting. On top panties and bra are incoorporated into the dress.

For the fitting you have to tighten and adjust it. If the fitting needs adjust- ments and you have to undo overlockseams, you use an unproportionally amount of time, I realized.

Conclusion: it was my first and probably also last kind of those dresses. Everything else but is preferred in the future.   

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Mrs Cakeaholic said...

Pjat med dig John, næste gang er det meget nemmere....Må vi ikke se et billede?